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Brand new Autoboss V30
We want to introduce you to a new Autoboss product - Autoboss V30. This is the most advanced automotive diagnostic scanner in the world. Meet the latest and most sophisticated vehicle diagnostic device in the world!

autoboss v30 device is compatible with most popular cars in the world since 1996 (some models supported older than 1996 year of production) to the currently manufactured cars.
All supported cars are divided into four regions: Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.

Select a region you will see a region assigned to the list of automobile manufacturers. From this list you select the relevant manufacturer. Manufacturer of the device you select will open a menu, which will need to choose a specific model to the car: the car model -> the year -> motor -> Advanced settings affect the diagnostic process and must be included in the options list …

After selecting a specific car model, the device will offer a different diagnostic operations from a single module to complete the entire scanning system scanning the car and error identification.

While working with all the cars present a potential device for the living data, you can monitor the data exchange, even riding a car because the diagnostic surgery does not prevent the majority of the car ride. Diagnostic Scanner V30 harness car may shut off the air conditioning and ventilation and the audio / multimedia system, which means that the system moved into the diagnostic mode, disable the device system starts working again. Some air conditioning and ventilation and the audio / multimedia system inform the user of the diagnostic mode the recording of their graphic display system on “DIAGNOSIS”.

The device enables to perform a temporary activation, the plugin to disable separate systems, instrumentation, valves and electric valves (depending on the manufacturer and the car’s system shall be given the opportunity). We recommend that before the connection at least once thoroughly read the user manual, some operations are carried out in this device may have an indirect damages if the user does not know what steps, it is related to the electronic modules and blocks tying / atrišimu etc. About the complex operations which requires a slightly wider knowledge of the device will warn the text message on your screen, as well as the device to notify the necessary operation conditions and actions from the user side. Be sure to read the user manual!
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