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Yea, I have questions about my tranny lol.

How common is the AW71 transmission in the 700, 800, 900 series Volvos? Mines in a 93 940 B230F currently You see last year my car was sitting up for almost 4months with me doing my own transmission work whenever I could, oh an also me fixing the sunroof at the same time heh. In the meantime I found it a blessing to be able to drive my grandmothers Ford Ranger 1990.

Anyway, I'd like to know why when I finally got my correct parts for my AW71 that the ppl at Volvo said that they didn't see AW71's that often.

Is their a defect I should be looking out for? Normally I wouldn't be so worried but currently when I have the time I'm going to have to replace the throw out bearing and clutch plate in the Ford an I'd to know what to look since I only have 1 vehicle operational at the moment.

I look forward to your replies and I thank you in advance.
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