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Hi all, new member and first post. My wife has a 2007 XC90 AWD V8 with approx. 75k on the her (the car, not my wife):D. Great ride, but this vehicle is slightly more advanced than my Grand Cherokee. I typically do all of the repairs I am capable of or have tools for, but I also like to have as much information on my side as possible before starting the repairs.

Below are a few projects I'll be taking on next week:

1.) Replace left front ABS tone ring

To do this I will have to remove axle bolt, brake caliper, rotor, bearing assembly and eventually pull the driver's side half shaft.
--Does anyone have for the torque specs for all of the front-end hardware I'll be reinstalling once everything is reassembled?
--Secondly do I need to replace the driver's side axle bolt with a new one?
--If yes, do I need the axle bolt with the rubber bushing (axle ping fix) or just the regular bolt?

For the record, I do not believe my vehicle suffers from axle ping, but I've gotten mixed messages from various other Volvo forums on whether to use these or not.

2.) Replace both rear bearing assemblies

Similar process as above to replace bearing assembly, with the exception of removing the shaft.
--Does anyone have specific aftermarket bearing assembly kit recommendations or should I just go with dealer OEM at $225 a piece?
--Torque specs for rear-end hardware?
--Similar question about axle bolts for the rear-end.

I asked a Volvo Service Tech what the torque specs where and his response was, "Tight. We only really use torque specs for head gaskets and things engine related." I really was astounded by his answer.:eek: Has anyone heard of such a thing?

Thanks everyone, the information is greatly appreciated as I do not own a copy of VADIS and have had much difficulty finding all of this info with Google and the interweb:rolleyes:...

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