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Blow Off Valve ... Add or Don't Add?

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Hello ... My son (16 y.o.) wants to add a blow off valve to his 2001 Volvo S40 1.9T. Till now, the engine is stock. Will the BOV in any way cause more problems than it's worth? :confused:
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Welcome to the forum from Atlanta!

Unless it's a manual or you've done every other mod, not worth doing in my opinion.

The point of a BOV is to prevent compressor stall when you let off the throttle to shift gears. This is not an issue in an automatic and only happens when you let off the throttle, which is typically when you slow down. So that makes it almost totally cosmetic. It seems logical there might be autocross applications where you feather the throttle, but I don't know.

If you're driving a manual, then there would be benefit, but we don't know what other mods you have, so it's really difficult to say if you should put the $$ elsewhere. If you're doing it for cosmetic reasons then that's up to you, but I'm not aware of any serious problems except momentarily running rich when the charge is vented.
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