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i there, i saw those on OBDCHINA

THE bmw carsoft interface with it's interface.

has anyone ever bought or used it on their cars?

CARSOFT Interface 6.5 for BMW E30/E36/E46/Z3/E34/E : OBD CHINA, The best auto OBD tools supplier

I'd like to buy it for my car, and also, one of my mate just found out his mileage was set lower when he bought the car, so we'd like to put it back as it should, and also we're tracing up the guy who did it So I'd like to know would we really abe able to put back the real mileage figures with that software?

and what other stuffs that i can use this software for other than having a general OBDII software? coz i have a basic one that just reads basis stuffs, and i'm thinkin this one is more for BMW, so would it be more worth it?
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