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Hey, hey!
What's up everyone? I am new to Volvo and my first sweed ride is my 1992 240 wagon, automatic, she's a real nice white on tan, showing a young and healthy 259k/mi! The car runs and drives well but needs some basic mechanical/electrical work and a little paint work to the hood for what I consider to be a travesty of a touch up job, sadly I work 2nd shift so the pics are not gonna happen until the weekend (sorry) but here is a rundown of whats gonna happen in the next few weeks.
1: valve adjustment including timing belt and water pump, wish me luck it's my first time going to the dance.
2: a/c system has busted hose and needs recharged also going to need all new o-rings and most likely the accumulator (easy, and the comp still works).
3: cold setting for air seems hot, may need a heater valve (?) or adjustment to cabling/controls as i'm not exactly sure how the cars climate system works.
4: temp gauge bounces around, may need a new send unit or I have a wild ground somewhere so I guess that means cleaning all the grounds plus the send unit replacement.
5: don't like the looks of the fuses and some of the contacts seem flaky as in corrosion so the board needs cleaned and fuses replaced.
6: of course some of the lenses need replaced so its time for new 3 color in the rear and full orange up front to replace the clears as I dig amber corners.
7: wheels are steel but a style I have never seen before, they seem to be from an earlier model, and have a two piece 8" polished stainless hubcaps, as well as 5 small triangular holes with an indent between each hole. The wheels need refinished and are currently wearing a surprisingly new set of blizzaks that I will either shelf or sale and get all seasons, as it will not be driven in ohio road salt.
8: rear defrost inop, hazard switch inop, belt warning light inop, window washer motors not plugged into anything, all need fixed or re-wired as previous owner seemed fond of doing a hackjob on his electricals, and installing a junky bulldog keyless system on top of that.
9: radio and speakers need to go directly in the trash (cheap pioneer cd, every keystroke produces a beep), the car needs 6.5 inchers all around so I'm gonna have to find a way to make that happen and the mt-204? speaker grills can go away too as the drivers is broken.
10: shocks and struts are hosed need replaced, as well as the park brake is useless so I might as well just rebuild the brake system entirely minus booster and master cyl / hard lines.
11: car is clean and body is amazing but it needs cleaned up in and out and the tint on the windows is just not dark enough, well done but not dark enough for me.
12: bumper rubbers and some minor trim items need replaced, some interior plastics need replaced.

It sounds like a lot but the car is in great shape, just needs some love and a few weekends of tinkering plus this is the summer project I was looking for. So just wanted to say hi, I will add those pics this weekend but if anyone has some advice for me on some items let it roll!
Thanks, Greg.
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