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I took delivery on my beautiful C30 T5 brilliant blue, yesterday. :) It sure has a lot of zip and I love the control panel (much easier to do than my V40).

The radio and cruise control on the steering wheel are a real safety factor.

I bought it last December for overseas delivery at Goteborg. My daughter and SIL took delivery just before Christmas and spent the next 10 days visiting cousins in Sweden. They turned the car in and flew home. The car was load on the ship, Faust, and we were able to trace its voyage on the Internet. The car was unloaded in Baltimore Jan. 29 and was delivered in Peoria on Feb. 6.

With overseas delivery, Volvo gives 2 round-trip airfares for taking delivery over there. A great deal.

I'll try to write more as I get acquainted with my new C30.

Aside: when I went into my insurance place to add to my car policy, they didn't have the C30 in their database yet. It is so new US.
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