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C70 stalling

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New here but I could use some help. I have a '02 C70 2.4L that I bought a few months ago with 93K miles. Twice in the last 2 months, the car stalled when I came to a light. Wouldn't re-start for a few minutes, but then it would start and stall after just a couple of seconds. Let the car sit for an hour and then she's fine. No codes on the scanner. Ideas?
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Stalling problem

I have a similar problem in that sometimes it will not start. It turns over but won't fire. My mechanic replaced the crankshaft position sensor but it still does it. Strange because it doesn't do it all the time. If I let it sit for a minute or even less it will fire right up. Once it starts it is fine for the rest of the day. Mechanic now says he thinks it's the ignition switch. To me it sounds more like it is flooded.
I have a feeling our problems are related. SUPRISED NO ONE HAS REPLIED TO YOUR POST. COME ON GUYS WE NEED HELP.
just a question, are yours diesel or petrol engined? Mine is a diesel. funny bit is that after mine went into the garage today the first suspect was the ignition lock/switch. thats the third time I came across this feed. I'll keep you posted on the outcome, tho I think it will not be solved today.

regards Matt
My C70 still has the problem. My garage hired a new meccxhanic who has a Volvo background. He was positive I had a dirty fuel filter so he changed it and said the old one was really dirty and looked like it had never been changed. I haven't had the problem in 48 hours but that is not unusual. Sometimes I can go a week. I'll keep you posted. How did you make out with the ignition switch?
the rather good news is that my volvo garage has found what they think is the culprit to my engine cutting out. there are no faults but there is a kind of an event log and this had recorded the two times mine left me sailing. from there they traced it to a dodgy wire which they told me is now fixed. the mechanic run it today for 50 miles and will do another run tomorrow (there is also my seat adjustment to fix) and hopefully I will have it back on saturday!!. I have found someone else that had the same problem and his too was down to a faulty wire coming from the ecu.
I will post more details after I spoke to the garage.
update on my troubles

right, 4 days and £324,- later and it seems the fault has been fixed. it was a wire coming/going to one of the injectors running through the wheel arch and there it had been rubbed off and shortened the circuit, causing the engine being switched off.
most of the bill was fault finding and diagnostic, the wire probably has cost £ 3,26 or so!
anyone having kind of this problem should let its mechanic check the wires!
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