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Hi All
I drive 2002 s40 T4. I have a Vadis WORKSHOP manual. It states that there are two different marks on the main cam pully. I can only see one. Can someone help? may be I miss something.


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Here is some info that might help:

Line up the crank mark,

next the slots in the cams will be parralel to the cylinder head with the exhaust cam slot being on the top and intake cam slot being on the botm

the center bolt on ex. cam loose the 3 smaller bolts on both cams centered in the slots and tight. turn the ex. cam pulley counter clockwise 1 1/2 teeth and lock the center bolt.

then if you rotate the ex. cam pulley clockwise till it stops the timing marks should line up. if marks line ten tighten the center bolt to 89ft lbs and tighten the plug covering it to 27 ft lbs.

then loosen all small bolts on both cams install the belt while making sure all marks are lined up and while using a ratchet in the torx plug of the ex. cam hold it to the clockwise position so all timing marks line up and small bolts in both cam pulleys should be centered the entire time. then adjust the tensioner by going past the marks to the right and then back to center and locking it down. while still holding the exhaust cam to the lock on the clockwise rotation tighten center bolts on bolt cams to 10ft lbs.

Using the crank bolt rotate the engine counter clockwise a 1/4 turn, then back clockwise till crank marks line up if cam marks line up and all small bolts are centered in holes you are done. rotate engine over 2 times by hand and recheck marks line up
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