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Lithium battery has a service life like any other battery, the service life of lithium battery is measured by the number of charge and discharge, reaching a certain number of charge and discharge of the lithium battery will have completed its life as a battery. As with all batteries, a battery that has completed its life can only be discarded.

When does the battery of an electric bicycle need to be replaced?

1. The battery is full when it is charged and dead when it is used

If the battery is suddenly fully charged in one or two hours, or even in a few minutes, and does not run much distance, then it may be due to the following two reasons: First, a small battery in the battery group has failed, and it is difficult to repair the small battery itself, so the battery can only be scrapped. Second, the battery capacity is shrinking and the power storage function is almost lost. At this time, the electric car battery is basically scrapped.

Can Electric Bike Batteries Be Repaired?

2. Using more than three years, the performance drops sharply

The capacity decay of lead-acid battery is basically irreversible, and all parts of the battery over three years have basically reached a deteriorated condition, and this deterioration has a trend of gradually accelerating, and soon it will completely lose its charging and discharging capacity. Some electric car users will choose to try to repair the battery of the electric car, if the battery is still unable to save power after repair, this time it means that the battery is scrapped.

3. Charging heat, battery bulging phenomenon

If the battery charging heat is serious, even the shell is very hot, excluding the battery quality problems, the probability of life is also exhausted. The reason for the heat is the active material on the pole plate is seriously off, the internal resistance increases, the heat increases. At this time, if you open the battery safety valve to check, you will see that the electrolyte is "black" and cannot be repaired in case of serious failure. At this time, the battery self-discharge quickly, sometimes after charging soon after the power is dead. Severe will make the battery drum, and even the battery shell, the line will also appear burning, very dangerous.

4. Battery capacity is less than 60% of the normal capacity

Battery in normal use, the capacity will be normal decay, to 48/12 for example, the new battery 40 km range is relatively normal, once when fully charged can not run 20 km, that means that the battery components have begun to appear problems, a variety of performance has dropped significantly, the performance is extremely unstable, may cause adverse consequences such as charging fever deformation.

Electric bicycle battery safety issues should not be ignored, we must always pay attention to the battery situation of electric bicycles, prevention is better than cure.
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