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Can't think of anything catchy to say so...

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I'll just say hello. I own a 2000 S70 SE, blk on blk with 143,000KM. Had it since it was all fresh and shiny out of the showroom.

I've only had a few problems with it, back window motor going 2x, brakes squeaking relentlessly for about a year, two dead batteries with 2 years, tiny pinhole in the fuel line that messed with the computer for a bit and some reaction with the rims and steel belted tires causing the tire to leak a bit.

We've just moved to Alberta from Ontario and the poor War Pony has to go through a safety. I hope I can find a mechanic that loves my car as much as the last one did.

On the battery issue, we solved the issue of the vehicle draining the battery while we were away by leaving a solar panel battery maintainer in it. It won't charge the battery but it sure does keep it from going flat.

This is my third Volvo, first one was a "Woody" 122, second was a 240DL. I think the lady that bought my 240DL is still driving it.

Anyway, glad to be here.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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