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Hello this is my first time posting here. Alot of the posts from other people have been useful in fixing my car but I've come to a stump. I have a 1990 Volvo 244 GLE,the main problem is the car begins to shake and dies when it's in idle or when I let go of the gas.

I know it's a fuel mixture problem but I don't know where it's coming from.

This is a list of what I've done.

-I checked the 02 sensor and it was working only problem was it had a bit of rust in the connector cleaned it up and the O2 codes cleared.
-Changed the fuel pressure valve since the old one died before this problem.
-Checked the fuel pump and it's turning on and pumping on

Now from what I've seen it seems to be the Mass Air Flow Meter but I want some expert advise before I go buy a costly part and it turns out not to be it.Also I bought this car from a "mechanic"I don't know why or how but he actually mounted the AFM BACKWARDS with the flow going from the engine to the outside instead of outside into the engine.

Another problem I'm having is the flow meter cable only has 5 wire instead of 6,it's missin the last yellow wire on the 6th pin. Don't know if this is anything but I'm curious.

And to finish things off the error computer is giving me signal 1-2-3 which seems to be the Coolant connector or something. However there isn't any sort of connector in the radiator.

Thanks for the help,hope I can fix this car I love it to death and wouldn't want to part with it do to some problems.
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