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This morning my neighbour came round and said that a black cat has been spraying on his front and back door "every morning" (most likely his term for 'sometimes').
I have a black cat, and from what he described, it probably isn't mine.
However, just in case he comes back again, I want to be well prepared with my next move.
Firstly, I believe he must prove to me that it is my cat doing it, before he even thinks about asking me to become involved. He must take a photo of the cat from close up, clearly showing any distinguishing features. Failing that, he should capture my cat and bring him back to me as evidence. How else am I supposed to beleive this is my cat doing it. He has been chopped, so it is unlikely it's him anyway.
The neighbour lives on a side road, adjacent to mine, on the far side of the road. There is no way, therefore that he can witness this cat entering or leaving my house from his own.
Secondly, my personal, private opinion is that I am not responsible for anything my cat does. He has a right to his freedom, unlike a dog, which should be restrained and supervised. A cat does what it does, it's not within my capability to change his behaviour.
The neighbour has 2 cats in their house, and so to some extent, they are bringing some of this upon themselves perhaps.
My personal opinion is that it's up to him to deal with it. He must scare the cat off, or purchase some device, or vet approved chemical. If it was happening to me, this is what I would do. I would NOT ask my neighbour to become involved.
Now, the thing I am considering is that maybe I would offer to pay for half of whatever solved the problem. However this is a slippery slope. What if the cat then does it to someone else. I could end up paying thousands of pounds for all of my hundreds of neighbours!
My initial opinion is that if he comes round again, I will politely tell him that there's nothing that I can do, and that he should consult a vet or animal expert for advice on how to disencourage cats from spraying on his door. Perhaps I might suggest he waits at his upstairs window each morning, with a bucket of water.

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