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I Need Help! I have a 2000 v70 xc and I was stopped at a stoplight and when i accelerated i heard a grinding noise, very similar to that of a manual transmission when you miss a gear (my car is an automatic). Now when the car is in any gear it is very loud and has very little power when accelerating. When i do get going to about 40 or 50 mph the noise seems to quiet a little. my step dad who has been a mechanic his whole life thinks it may be a motor mount but her said it wouldn't vibrate in BOTH drive and reverse like it does. I had an 1988 740 with what was thought to be a bad catalytic converter that had similar problems but would not accelerate hardly at all when it reached about 40 mph which made me think it may be the turbo so i dont know. what could it be?! any help woulf be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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