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lower control arm replacement question - '01 S60

Hello, Jon -
I'm in the middle of replacing LCA's and ball joints on my S60. Driver's side cam off without a hitch. Then transitioned to the passenger side. Jacked up that side, pulled wheel, caliper, ABS, and tie rod nut. When I pulled the tie rod down and free, the hub started turning either hard left or hard right. When I replaced the driver side - it just hung wherever I positioned it. I feel that there is a lot of pressure coming thru the strut or ?. So I put it all back together and set it down. I would like to go back in and complete it tomorrow - before snow really flies here in Colorado. I have a few observations that I would like to state and see if you would be willing to offer guidance:

1. It seems lots of pressure being exerted by sway bar on end link and on thru the strut - causing the strut to want to push out and thus turning the hub. If I raise both tires, would that go away and thus the strut will not be displaced?

2. I thought perhaps the coil spring may be pushing down too hard causing the displacement. I used a spring compressor - no change.

Would like to finish the job soon. Have you ever heard of this happening, and does #1 above seem to be the right way to go. I surely appreciate any advice you could provide. Thanks!
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