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Check Engine - Multiple Codes

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I have a 2009 C70 in which I recently replaced the engine from a 2008 C70 with fewer miles... (It's a long story)

The 2008 Engine has always been running well but occasionally threw a misfire code on a couple of cylinders.

Recently, the "Check Engine" light came on do I checked with a Bosch U-Scan OBDII code reader (Bluetooth to phone) and suddenly a whole host of codes are being thrown:
  • P0445: Evaporative Emissions System Purge Control Valve Shorted
  • P0079: Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Low (Bank 1)
  • P0076: Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Low (Bank 1)
  • P0245: Turbo Wategate A Solenoid Low
  • P2419: Evaporative Emission System Switching Valve Control Circuit Low
  • P2401: Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit Low
  • P0497: Evaporative Emission System Low Purge Flow
  • P0102: Mass Or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input
A few questions:

First, and most important: Am I doing any damage to the car if I drive it before these are fixed?

I am hoping these are all related to a singular issue and that it is not too expensive a fix.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should investigate first?

Also, I have a VIDA-DICE unit but I find it cumbersome to use... would that provide more insight?

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do you get a significant loss of power just before it throws these codes?
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