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The card version? Specifically the expiry date on it? The date next to ‘4b’ on the front of your card?

Was v. surprised to spot tonight that mine had expired recently, and I hadn’t received a reminder to renew it
. I’ve obviously sorted this out straight away online on (really easy to do online and if you have a UK passport, they can link the photo they hold electronically for your passport to your new card drivers licence - so no need to get a new mug-shot taken, fill out paper forms and send off with a hard copy photo in the post- that was kinda cool). Cost £14 to renew.

Your drivers licence card needs renewing every decade, to ensure the authorities have a relatively up-to-date mug shot of you. Quick Google suggests there are 2.3 million expired card licences in the UK, each one of ‘em liable for a potential £1k fine.

Was sheer chance that I spotted this - so check your UK card licences peeps. Don’t get caught out as could affect your insurance or land you with a fine.

Just thought I’d share - I’d hate for anyone on here to get nabbed! You should get a reminder in the post - but I did not!
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