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Parts ranging from ABS setups for early 700 series cars, taillight
assemblies, exhaust parts, Amazon hub caps, Alloy wheels, gauges from all
cars, a/c compressors, the list goes on and on! I wondered if your club
may be interested in taking the whole lot off my hands? I promise, it will
be worth someone's while, to come and see the stuff. I haven't catalogued
it at all, not having any reference books with which to find the part
numbers, but it's all in VOLVO boxes, and must be of more use to your club
members, than to me. I paid an equivalent of about $3000 when I got the
lot, which was good value at the time, the ABS kits retailed at that time
for over $2500 each, and I think I have 4 of those. They include
everything necessary for converting non-ABS cars, to ABS equipped. I've
got turbo boost gauges, rev counters,(small and large), a selection of all
types of instruments. I would like to get $1500 for the lot. I am moving
house in April, and would like to find a new home for this lot of stuff,
before then. I have already moved once with the stuff, and cannot be
bothered to do so again. If any of your members are into M-B as well, I
have as much, if not more of that stuff as well.
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