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clutch slipping or normal?

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My first Volvo, a 960 wagon, 97. When I first start in the morning and put it in drive (automatic) it is slow to get going, like the clutch is slipping. It's not the engine that's running fine. It does't do that as much if I put it in reverse, but then the first time in drive it does. Seems to be fine by the time I get down the block. Mechanic says xmission fluid is fine (I couldn't find the stick on this thing). Is this normal or am I on a very short scehdule to a lot more slipping and having to replace the clutch?

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Thanks for the info. How long has yours done this slipping first thing in the morning. Sounds exactly like mine. Very wierd to me. Never had a car do that. Maybe it's a Volvo thing. On any other car I'd think it's the beginning of the end for the clutch or transmission.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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