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I took my 2007 XC 70 into the closest Volvo dealership because it was the check engine light was on and it was sort of chugging along.
The repair included the following: codes 310D 312D 3140 stored for misfire #2 and #4 cylinders and misfire at least one cylinder. Upon inspection found #2 and #4 ignition coil packs cracked and spark plugs worn. Replaced those parts, road tested car 6 miles.

When I picked it up I got on the freeway and went no more than 3 miles when it was even worse. I drove straight back to the dealer.

The second inspection: codes 3100 3120 313D for #2 and #3 cylinders and misfire at least one cylinder. Inspected previously replaced coils, ok. Disassembled and inspected wiring for coil packs, wiring has been repaired somewhere and is broken and melted. Inspected spark plugs, found #3 plug bent. Would need to pull off cylinder head and send out to machine shop for inspection, most likely vacuum valve on intake came apart sticking in cylinder jamming exhaust and went into turbo causing whine noise currently heard.
I don't understand how this is possible because we haven't had any work doine that had to do with wiring. We've only had basic work done like breaks tires etc. Does the explaination above actually make sense? or are they covering up because they did something poorly in the repair. They want me to authorize a 1400 tear down and then they will figure out if it is covered under warrenty. Their language seems suggestive that it wont because they are talking about repairs that I have never had done. I am also confused because they are saying that my spark plug is bent. How did it get bent if they JUST REPLACED IT. Please help.
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