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For the last couple months my XC90 has made a creaking sound coming from the left front wheel well when braking, sometimes when turning and sometimes when starting from a stop. I recently had the left front lower control arm replaced due to a fully torn bushing in order to fix this problem. That got rid of the creaking for about three weeks. It has started coming back over the last week or so. It seems to get worse the colder it is outside. I live in Wisconsin and the temperature was about 15 degrees out today and it is the worst it has been since it was supposedly repaired. I've also noticed that after doing such things as getting the car washed the sound will disappear for awhile.

Does anyone have any ideas what this might be? Is it possible for a new bushing to tear in 3 weeks, or is it likely something else? If it's something else, why did the sound basically stop after the repairs were done?

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