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I am having a difficult finding the problem to my Volvo.
I have a 2008 Volvo XC70 2.4D 136kW.
When I start the car and accelerate hard it can go to 3000 after that it just starts popping and won’t go over 3000 rpm. I have to play with the pedal to change gears normally.
When the engine is warm I accelerate harder and after 2500 rpms it goes crazy again. Yes I can change the gears with + and – but I have to do that before 3000 rpms. I can drive the car fine but once in a while I want see what shes got under her hood.
The engine stays still under the bonnet. It doesn’t jump around like a mad man.
Changed all the oils, filters. The readings on the diagnostic tool are all great! It feels like it isn’t getting enough fuel or air when accelerating?
Anyways. The rocker and pusher are changed. DPF has been burnt by a workshop. Nothing has been programmed out. The throttle valve has been changed. MAF sensor is in working order.
All injectors are showing good readings. Changed a couple of hoses that were cracked.
The engine doesn’t go into limp mode, the diagnostic tool doesn’t show any fault or error codes.
The car drives fine, gearbox is smooth just when I want to accelerate over 3000 rpm the engine goes bonkers.
Video of the engine bay:
Maybe anyone has stumbled upon a problem like this before?
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