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Hi, I'm steddy.
I think I got a good deal tonight. I bought (on impulse) a 1999 S80 turbo, 118K miles, decent body (a few dings & scratches), decent interior, etc. I saw it sitting out by the road on my way home from work tonight.

Here's the "major" problem: 2 power windows don't work, doors won't stay locked, side power mirrors don't work, stereo doesn't work, air bag warning light on, and a few other quirks. The owner tells me (and I don't think this can be made up) that the airbag computer under the center console had soda spilled on it too many times, and corroded off some of the terminals. He gave me a source to get replacement parts, which hopefully should solve the problems. I'm also hoping those computers are fairly standard; the one we know of doesn't have the turbo engine. I'll replace the airbag computer & wrecked wiring harness. I'm told that a lot of that type of stuff runs through that computer.

I already bought the car, I couldn't refuse the deal, but hopefully that will fix the problem. Any thoughts?

Even if I can't fix it, I know I can either part out or re-sell the car & get my money back no problem. It runs & drives really nicely. It's probably the nicest car I've ever had.
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