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We had an OBDII code reading done because of a "Check Engine" light showing.
Work was done by a former Volvo used car seller so had the 'real' Volvo code data. They also just happen to be the closest @ 200 miles away. Wife was away on a business trip and was headed their way when the Check Engine light came on.

Codes retrieved are:
908F - air flow,
532D Throttle unit and
4308 Leak diagnostics

I looked at the lists available (England Volvo forum) and:
4308 is listed as a Large Leak
I was unable to find 908F but did find 903F, TPS signal missing, Intermittent fault.
532D is Communication - Central Electronics Module , signal missing,
if these are correct.

I have checked for obvious air leaks but my hearing deficit (ringing) covers any leaking hissing. the surging while on the highway makes me think this is the first problem to solve. But I don't know where to start.

Any suggestions on how to approach the problem?

2001 S60 auto, non Turbo, 284,000 Km
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