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Pay attention to the size of the tires
The premise of changing new tires is to know the tire specifications of your car, that is, the parameters of the original car tires, that directly buy the same specifications on the line.

Pay attention to the production date
Generally speaking, the shelf life of tires is in about 3 years, which means that the tires placed more than three years, do not buy.

Pay attention to the type of tires
Tires must be replaced as a set, make sure that the same axle is not mixed with the type of tire pattern, otherwise, it will appear in the car body shaking, runaway and other phenomena, and because of the different patterns, the rain driving will also be more likely to lose control of the situation.

Avoid retreaded tires
You can avoid retreaded tires by observing the color and luster of the tires, which will be dull after retreading. At the same time, there are some raised marks on the tires, and the marks on retreaded tires are reapplied after retreading. So, you can also use your fingernail to scratch these marks, and the ones that can be scratched off are retreaded tires.

Improve the grip of the vehicle
If you feel that your vehicle is soft and weak when you use it on a daily basis, you can choose tires with a better grip, such as Pirelli tires. These tires have accurate handling, short brake displacement, and better climbing performance. However, the noise is generally louder, and the wear resistance is not so good, and it will also consume more fuel.

Pick the high-speed level
The higher the speed grade, the higher the ultimate speed the tire can withstand, which further reflects the material and structure of the tire will be better. Therefore, between the h-grade and v-grade, it is best to choose the v-grade.

Want to be strong and durable
If the vehicle needs to be used frequently, the tires should be durable and wear-resistant.

Want to drive comfortably
If the car is hard and bumpy and noisy, you can choose softer tires. For example, Michelin, Ma's tires will be softer. But these tires reduce the sound noise at the same time, but also reduce the grip-ability, the road feel will certainly be reduced.

The pursuit of vehicle energy saving
The current energy-saving tires can save about 3-6% of fuel consumption, if the average tire life of 6W km to calculate, to change the tires can save about half a set to a set of tires, and these tires in the comfort also do a good job.

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