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Dirty Coolant in Volvo 240

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Greetings Everyone..

This Volvo 240 of mines has a lot of issues that I'm trying to iron out. When the engine is cold, it is VERY hard to start. Once it warms up, starting it again is no problem. The temp gauge will go all the way into the red until the thermostat opens, then it comes back down to where it's supposed to be. I thought I had this problem licked by flushing out the coolant system and purging out the air, but the problem soon returned.

I looked into the feedback resevior and could not help but notice that the coolant is very dirty. There is also thick white smoke that periodically comes from the tailpipe.

Can this be a sign of a blown head gasket? :confused:

I checked the oil cap and there was no milky residue anywhere, but I know that this test isn't always accurate.

This all started after a fan belt broke and I was forced to limp the car home. The car ran hot, destroyed the thermostat and blew the bottom radiator hose off. I replaced all that was broken, and since then it has had nothing but coolant issues

Need Advice..
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