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On my 1989 780 b230ft 4 cyl turbo.

Had the infamous pre pump failure & then my inline failed.Learned more about the LH system than i care to
My son pulled distributor from the rear of cam without marking rotor location to base plate.
I know it has the 2 dog ears as keys to locate to rear of cam, does it only seat one way?
Or is it possible that i installed it 180 degrees out and it managed to start,but with no power?
Confirm the firing order is left to right "4312"
Any assistance is appreciated...
The fuel related problemas,ignition system, the charging system eating batteries and numerous other quirks lately has been kicking me hard to keep up with. But still love the car.
Have been lucky in so calif pick a parts with the governments cash for clunkers. there are yards full of volvos with brand new bosch parts under the hood & frame.:D
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