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distributor rebuild

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I've come up dry on every other forum I've tried, and then I find this site has a 100/200 series forum, so here I am. I'm looking for assistance with parts suppliers and part numbers pertaining to Bosch points-type distributors for Volvo engines, and I have 3 questions:

1. Does anyone know of a good supplier of rebuild parts (in other words, not just points/rotor/cap etc) for Bosch distributors? Bosch themselves stopped supplying kits several years ago, but I'm sure there must be aftermarket sources, since there are specialists advertising rebuild services. However, despite repeated searches, I can't find any.

2. Would anyone know the part number of the Bosch rebuild kit that services the 0 231 142 001 distributor (early B30)? Having the actual number may find me NOS parts online. Sometimes people end up with misc parts in lots, or at swap meets, and have only the part number on the box to go by, without knowing the application. I found an eBay vendor selling a nice distributor for a Penta version this way. They were selling it as a possible Porsche part simply because it was 6-cyl.

3. Does anyone have or know if there is, such a thing as a full listing of Bosch ignition part numbers, either in print or online? There were certainly reference catalogues, usually big binders in a metal rack, on parts counters back in the pre-software days. I've been through binders for things like u-joints (who knew you could buy a u-joint for your Rolls-Royce Corniche at your local parts counter just by telling them the # of the one used on a Chev Caprice?), belts, bearings, etc. Someone might just have a musty old copy in the basement, or maybe an enterprising enthusiast decided to scan a copy and turn it into a pdf. Either way, if anyone can point me to it, I'd be very grateful.
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