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Dump the sedan for the wagon?

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I'm in the middle of or nearing completion of my 240 sedan overhaul. I've invested quite a bit in parts, wheels, tires, exhaust, recently brakes and rotors and the exterior really isn't too bad for a 1989, not perfect. I like the car, silver with charcoal interior.

Here's the problem...

A 1992 Red 245 wagon has just come up for sale. I have two weimaraners that would have plenty of room in the back and would be far away from me. The original owners are selling. The car was in storage for a while years ago so it was off the road and looks really great. I really wanted a wagon...

Do I grab the wagon and switch as much of the new stuff as possible and probably lose some money or just be happy with what I have...How do I justify this one?
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The economics of the situation will have to be decided by you, of course. But, I sure did enjoy the heck out of our 240 wagon when we had a Labrador retriever. Just like you said, she had a lot of room, and it was far from the driver.

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