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ECU Programming 2002 V70 2.4T

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Hi all,

I've been told by the dealer that my ECU needs to be replaced and reprogrammed for a grand total of just under $1,500. In my opinion, that is simply highway robbery.

I've got a background in computers and electronics. I understand EPROM/EEPROM technology, and someone has to have run into this/done this before.

I've found conflicting information online, and what I want to know is, is it possible for this year model to simply get another ECU (they are on ebay for under $100) and download whatever information is on my ECU and then upload it to the used one, via the OBDII connector? I know that SAE J2534-1 applies to 2004 and newer vehicles....surely there is a similar standard for older vehicles?

Ideally, I'd like to take the programming from the existing computer, download it to my laptop via OBDII connector, and then upload that programming to another ECU via the same process.


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Here is a few hours of reading but this guy got in deep into his mod of an 850R. Interesting and there may be info on programming the stock ECU;

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