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a German dealer has contacted Eibach & they said it is possible to remanufacture the Eibach spring set E10-84-003-05-22 for the Volvo V70R if he order 50 sets
who is interested in a set?
the German dealer is willing to order the 50 sets when he is sure he can sell 30 of them
the price would be around 250€ +shipment(+/-205£ today)
are you interested: put your name on the list & send me a PM with your emailadress

once we achieve the minimum of 30 potential buyers we will give the list with your emailadress to the German dealer who will contact you for further details

we will put this groupbuy at all the fora we know, If you know other fora we forgot, tell us, how more VR owners we have the quicker we can order

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