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Since Jan '18 I have had a perplexing problem that has defied diagnosis (multiple attempts by Volvo dealership mechanics). The issue is -- the engine stutters while decelerating -- not violently, but definitely noticeable. There are some specific parameters to this:
  1. it takes about 15 minutes for the problem to kick in - engine must be warm
  2. engaging the accelerator even slightly makes the stuttering stop
  3. you must be going at least 35 mph for the problem to manifest
  4. if you shift into neutral the stuttering stops

The car is a 2004 XC90 with 200K miles on it and otherwise runs great. So far Volvo has repacked the front wheel bearings and replaced the drive shaft, to no avail. The car has a rebuilt catalytic converter that was installed in December -- now suspecting that, but it passes all of the diagnostics. Love this car -- would appreciate any insights.

Kid Guero
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