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Hey y'all, I used to own a 2008 S80 with the T6 engine. I loved that car, it was a fantasic ride and I had a great time with it except for issues with the electrical system (which I eventually fixed). I sold mine because I was relocating to an environment where a 4x4 SUV (with high allowance) was required, but now I'm back in the continental US and I keep getting drawn back to Volvo.

I know it's a longshot, but I figured y'all might have some input to some questions I have. As far as my questions are concerned, I'm looking at Volvos pre-2014. I'll take any other information you can give me. fetLife itunes

After looking at models for sale in my area, S60s come up significantly more often than S80s. I have also heard from friends that they feel significantly different in the driving experience as compared to S80s of the same years. What are your thoughts?

Is there that much of a noticable difference between T5s and T6s of the same years?

The S80 I owned had metal plates in the battery cables that broke, leading to the circut to and from the battery failing frequently before I fixed it by replacing the cables. Was this a frequent occurence, or have you dealt with this? Was/is this an issue with the S60s as well?

Are there any generations or years of the S60 or S80 I should avoid?

Thanks for your input, y'all. I'd love to get back into a Volvo and I really value your opinions.
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