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hello everyone,i've been peeking at this forum for awhile and it looks like there is alot of knowledge here so here it goes:i have a 91 940 se turbo with 220k that i use for a transportation so i can keep my 62 and 64 garaged in the winter.the problem started with heavy blue smoke at a idle only and only at one stop light out of 4-5 lights with no smoke above a idle.i have read many threads here which have given me alot of help so since then i completely cleaned the pcv box,all the vacuum lines and intake ports,reinstalled both manifolds ran it again with the same results.of course when i put a shop rag over the filler cap hole the rag bounces up and down with the revolutions of one cylinder.i pulled the 1/2" hose off my intake hose (before the turbo) and it is pushing out blowby so i know that part of the system is flowing.but what i can't figure out is why there is no suction where that hose attaches between the mass air flow sensor and the turbo.hi or low r's,still no suction.i should mention that my waste gate does'nt open at the time.soooo i removed the head and sent it out and the reports are that the valves and guides are fine.???a dry compression test gave me 135/95/95/135. and i have some coloring in the first and last cylinder wall only 1/4 way around on each hole that sticks up,you can feel it with your fingernail.the pictures look much worse than with your eye. is it salvageable or scrap. since all that i have ever owned is american iron any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks! kent.


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