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front rotor replacement are they all the same?

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hello i'm glt boonie

and i will be replacing my front brake rotors and pads in my 98 S70 GLT my question is that while shopping at Rock auto i noticed the difference in prices "Guardian $21.70" to Centric $39.79" also including for Rabestos $45.00. my neighborhood Napa auto parts what's $70.00 for their front rotors which include a lifetime warranty still my question is very simple: aren't all rotors the same? what do you get for paying more money?

thanks glt boonie
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No they are not all the same. You do get what you pay for but if your needs are simple, and you're not expecting much, go for the cheaper ones.

Cheap ones with warranty are still cheap rotors - you're just paying for the next ones in advance. Most aftermarket parts are marketed the same. They sell the exact same part (with ot without warranty) but expect you to keep all relevant paperwork and meet the criteria to collect the warranty. Sometimes best just to go for the bottom line cheapest part and save the cash for if/when you need to change it again.

Quality brake rotors (OEM Volvo) are excellent parts. The steel is good quality, machining is accurate, they are balanced and they fit properly. They will perform as expected and also last a considerably long time.

You will pay more for them but it's a personal choice if the money is worth the performance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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