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Hey guys, got a chance to buy my dad's 940T so that means I have to sell my car.

Basics: 1987 744t w/ an M46. 16x,xxx miles, Black original paint job, never wrecked, black "turbo cloth" interior. Paint is in pretty good shape for its age, has a few dents & dings like any 22yr old car might have. pics were taken back in June as can be seen here in this post:
Water ban lifted = clean car - Turbobricks Forums
Could use a good cleaning & buff right now.


I installed a 940 squirter motor about a year ago when the original motor dropped a valve & set it up w/ a DIY cone intake & a eBay MBC set @ 13psi. I have added S90 door handles, purchased but yet have to install an IPD snow diverter, power/heated 960 mirrors. I painted the insides of the front corner lights & turn signals black, along w/ the headlight surrounds. I added a H4/H1 sealed beam conversion along w/ 8K HID's in the low beams & yellow bulbs in the fog light for the "euro" look. It will come w/ 95% of a complete system. It has 2 Kenwood amps to run the mids & highs, along w/ 2 10" subs in a sealed box...but will not come w/ a headunit. replaced the factory turbo wheels w/ 15x7 MSR mesh wheels that I painted black & left the lip silver..wrapped in wider toyo rubber. Then snipped 1 coil off the front to give it more of an aggressive stance. I cut the secondary muffler off before the axle-dump which gave it a deep mellow tone. Has a pilar mounted boost gauge. Also has a light weight aluminum hood off of a diesel. T-belt, drive belts, front cam seal, & crank seal were all replaced in July, engine oil & trans oil changed this month.

CONS: The trans has been giving me problems. The OD will slip out after about 20 mins of driving in hot weather...and about 45mins when its colder than 50 degrees outside. The clutch slips when you are cruising & decide to drop down into 4th & floor it. The inline fuel pump is noisy & I believe is weak b/c I have a fuel starve problem if I WOT 1st & 2nd, then go to WOT in 3rd...which it will buck. Otherwise, it handles "spirited" driving just fine. cruise is inop. The A/C clutch went out, but I got a compressor from pull a part, but just dont have the time to install it. The turbo smokes when the motor is cold, but I purchased a T3 rebuild kit offline that I will include w/ the car, b/c yet again, I dont have time to install. Oil cooler lines are leaking @ the oil filter adapter, prolly need to be tightened. Speedo & temp gauge work when they want to, but the odo still works fine.

All the problems this car has can be fixed by someone who has the time, knowledge & resources. Unfortunetly I cannot fix all the issues b/c I donut have the time or resources to do it.

I really enjoy this car as my DD, but I need something w/ an automatic. This car is a pretty rare combo of black on black turbo manual... so I dont want to craigslist it & let it fall to the wrong hands. I would much rather a TBricker' have it that can build the car to its potential.

Im looking to get $1,300 for it, since it will cost me $1,200 to get into my dad's 940.
located in Cumming, GA..about 45 mins north of Atlanta.


****CAR IS SPF AS OF 9/20/09****

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The car looks great. You know the history which is good so there are no mysteries like you would have with someone elses used car.
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