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I'm on here to help sell the wheels off of my mothers old Volvo 850R. They made the car ride too ruff for her liking so we took them off and they have been in our garage for a couple years now.They all have curb rash on them, that is repairable. Also one of the wheels has a slight bend on the inside back lip, but it still holds air. These would be ideal for someone who wants a set of volans for winter driving or to be resurfaced. I'm posting these on a couple forums and will throw them on ebay after a week.
Obviously I haven't used this forum but I am active over at under same user name.
The tires are basically shot and not worth shipping, unless you are willing to pay for extra shipping. Only 3 of 4 since the one bubbled in back which caused the bent lip in the inside of one of the wheels.
Located in Saint Louis, Missouri
Any questions please feel free to email me at my user name @
Starting price at $800 Shipped in the lower 48.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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