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Glycol in Transmission

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My 2007 V8 S80 radiator failed and allowed glycol to enter the transmission. Trans began shuddering and vibrating at 1400 rpm in lower gears. We replaced the radiator, flushed the lines, and flushed the trans w/new fluid. After driving about 1,700 miles the car still shudders and vibrates although much less than before. RPM now at 1,100 instead of the 1,400 seen previously. Since glycol got into the trans I assume the trans now has some damaged and compromised clutch discs, etc and should be rebuilt or replaced.

This occurred within my extended warranty period and Volvo Cars of North America has told me they don't think a replacement is necessary (although I found a Technical Service Bulletin from Volvo that clearly states the transmission should be replaced if it's contaminated with glycol). My local dealer agrees with me that the trans should be replaced due to damaged internals. What is your opinion regarding the glycol contamination and damage caused internally? Thanks.
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