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Why I’m selling: I bought this car to do a 95 850 T-5R clone but because my business has been so busy I haven’t had time to mess with it. It definitely needs some TLC but I think that the problems can be addressed pretty cheaply if you have access to good diagnostic equipment and a junk yard with 850’s. I’d part it out but I’d like to see it go to someone who will revive it and I don’t have the time.

Price: $695

95 Volvo 850 Turbo, 155K, Green, light cream leather interior, sunroof, factory spoiler, Clear VA title

Good points:
Very nice body, minimal amounts of dings and dents. Few things need to be touched up, but overall very good.
Sunroof works, engine sounds great when revving, brand new battery ($119), new spark plugs, rear seats in great shape, very workable car, good starting point or great car to part out and make some $$.

Bad points:
Transmission will only go into reverse, when in drive it simply revs. This could be from a myriad of things but my guess is a bad speed sensor somewhere or maybe the ignition switch. I pulled a code for the speed sensor on the trans but never got around to getting it.
Service engine light is blinking, car stalls at idle when cold, when warm it will run fine. Not sure what’s up here. When revving, the engine sounds great, very tight, but when it’s cold and I let off the gas it idles poorly then dies. Put new plugs in and didn’t have much success. Could be wires or coil. Maybe a sensor or just need a good tune up, I didn‘t have time to do the diagnosis.
Front seats are pretty torn up but functional with seat covers over them.
Glove compartment has no key and will not open.
Some of the paneling is off the car. I think everything is there but just needs to be put on.

Overall a great project or part it and make some $$$$, the factory rear spoiler will bring $100 itself.
Purchaser will be responsible for towing it to their location.

$695 as sits. -$100 off asking if I keep the spoiler, -$100 off asking if I keep the battery.

Please shoot me PM if you have any questions.



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