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Greetings from the Pacific Northwest to all of my fellow Volvo owners and fans.

I drive a 1968 Volvo P1800S. It is in almost perfect condition. She is currently in need of a relacement Tachometer or get my Tachometer rebuilt. I fried it the other day. So I am on the hunt for a 2nd generation Smiths Tachometer used from 1965 to 1969. If anyone knows of one for sale or where to get mine rebuilt, please let me know.

After 19 years of wanting an 1800, I finally found the one I wanted last year. The paint is flawless, the interior is spectacular and it drives perfectly. This car gets lots of attention. I regularly have people at stoplights and gas stations ask me what year she is and comment on how beautiful she is. If it weren't for the afore mentioned Tachometer issue, it would be a near flawless specimen. I love driving this car and it loves to be driven.

One downfall of this I have wanted one for so long and now I own one. Now I am having a hard time finding somethigs else to yearn for. I am thinking of putting my Volvo P1800S for sale. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Thanks for reading this. If anyone has questions or directions as to how to replace/rebuid my fried Tachometer, please respond and contact me.......
Thankis everyone.


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