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Hello, I'll start off by saying that i know very little about cars in general, so i may state things in a bit of an amateur or uninformed way, but I'll do my best to explain my problem. any help on what may be occurring and how to remedy it would be very appreciated! thanks a lot.
i have a '91 Volvo 240 Sedan, automatic transmission. Just the other day i changed the oil at a friends house, and on my drive home I noticed weird slippage and lack of acceleration, so when i got home i checked my transmission fluid, which was virtually empty. the next day i filled it up and have continually been checking it to see if there is a leak. it seems to be staying full. Now, my current problem, ever since that day, is this: Whenever I drive up a steep incline, shifted into first or second, depending on the incline, and am in a high RPM, the engine begins to make a crazy grinding almost metal-on-metal type sound, and thick dark exhaust starts to spew. the car does just fine on flatland and freeway, but even on slight inclines ive noticed some thin smoky exhaust trailing me.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do, or what I should check?
Thanks a lot for any help!
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