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i visited California for 7 months for a study thesis and have to go back very soon.

Thus, I have to sell my 1989 Volvo 740 GL. It is a very clean and reliable car. Well maintained and in a really good shape, given its age.

Make: Volvo
Model: 740GL
Year: 1989
Engine: B230F
Transmission: Automatic
Color: White
Interior: Blue

Don't know whats extra, and what was standard so i just mention a few things:
Power Windows
Power Lock
Heat seating

A/C is equipped with R-134a freon parts, so recharging it is much cheaper than with the old one. Just recharged it this summer, the A/C is blowing cold!

Installed new tires, whe I bought the car in the spring. They have run 7,000 miles now and are good for many more

Original paint, no dents, no major scratches.
No tears in the seats!

Passed the California Smog Test with very good values.

The car is located at Palmdale/Lancaster, CA. Less than 1 hour north of Los Angeles.

If you are searching for a classic Volvo, or know someone who is, this might be your chance. I wouldn't sell it if I didn't have to go back to Germany.


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When are you moving back to germany? The reason I ask is I might be moving to California in the very near future and will need another car seeing how I am going to sell mine. How many miles are on this beauty of a car?
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