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head gasket replacement

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I have reinstalled and torqued the the head on my 94 850 wagon. In the process of reattaching everything, I just realized that I did not install the thermostat housing and now I cannot tighten down the bolts because the auxiliary bracket is in the way. I was going to take the head back off, but I was told that if it did I would have to use a new head gasket and head bolts. I could not uses the new ones that I just installed. :confused: (the motor has not been started) Is this correct? It looks easier to me to remove the head than to remove the auxiliary bracket. Or do I have to remove this bracket to install a new timing belt anyway? I have worked on cars(mostly British, jags, TRs, rovers and several BMWs, as a hobby before, but this is my first Volvo or front wheel drive car and I could use some help. Also, I could use some pointers on removing/ installing the timing belt. Please note: I have the Haynes repair manual, it seems to be ok, but not great. Thanks for your help.:)
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The head gasket and head bolts should both be replaced. Once you torque the head bolts down you've stretched them.
So, yes you should replace both. A lot of people reuse the bolts without a problem. If you pull the head you'd need to inspect the gasket and see if it looks perfect. It would be up to you if you'd want to reuse it or not.

If you feel you did a good job on the head gasket I'd leave it alone and go for the bracket.

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