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Head swap

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Hello all ,i'm new here..i need some info plse...I drive a VW t3 Syncro fitted with an oil burning,poor compression Volvo B23e mechanical injection motor!(ex Swedish fire truck)...
I have bought a replacement B20 motor fitted with Electronic injection..... I dont want to build in all the injection computer stuff to my VW,so my Question a B23 head compatible on a B20 motor!!!!! Any know this one ..plse help???? :confused:
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B20 is an overhead valve, pushrod engine. The B23 is an overhead cam engine. Never heard of anyone putting the OHC head on an old block.

If you have a good B20 but don't want injection, B18 and B20 engines were all available with twin or single, SU or Solex carbs. Should be easy to find, fix and fit those onto the engine you've got. You'll make a profit selling the FI system too.
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