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New owner of 2006 S60 T5 with 100K miles. Just sold Jeep Commander and obtained a commuter car (100 miles per day to work and back). I have to say that I LOVE -LOVE -LOVE this 6 year old car. Its like driving to work sitting on a leather sofa, lots of mid range power, and AMAZING gas mileage. I am getting 33 to 34 MPG on highway and have never averaged below 25 MPG in town - and I drive somewhat agressively at times. Very happy.

Only concern is timing belt replacement. I am second owner of this very clean / nice car (with a couple of door dings) but feel like a timing belt replacement may be in order. Any reccomendations? I plan to run it to 200K in the next few years.

Any (minor) easy performance mods for this model discussed here? Sure has plenty of power to keep up with most of the cars out there but seems like a minor bump in turbo boost may help things along.....
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