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Just found the site...
I bought a 1998 Volvo V70 Wagon from a guy tonight in Fayetteville NC. It's got some issues, but, with a little time, and a whole lot of money. It's going to be awesome. Once I get the rear bumper and passenger rear quarter panel straightened out I am going to start an incredible transformation of the mundane and safe vehicle I currently have to a one off dream. That sounded corny, but I fell in love with this car in 1998 and couldn't resist the price - well, until after I drove the 6 1/2 hours round trip to pick it up. I wasn't coming back without that car no matter the condition. It's funny how pictures tend to lie when photographing cars.
Tomorrow the assessment begins...
I plan on first getting the car square bodywise and then...
STAGE 2! (again with the corniness)
Drop the car 1 3/4" with an Eibach kit, slap on some 18" rollers, tint the windows,
I have been itching to do a custom stereo install for the last 4 years. Having worked in the car audio industry for a number of years (well, before my parents talked me into believing that sort of work just wasn't good and that there was NO future in it.)
Funny how I LOVED my job then, and had MORE money then than I do now...
I have a vision of a fiberglassed pair of 10s, custom amp rack, and still retain the majority of my storage space.

It's going to be a long and arduous task, but with a little support, it will happen...oh's going to happen.
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