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My name is Martin and i am 21 years old i live in the middle of Sweden In Ljungby.

I have one Red 601 740 (744) 89 GL B230F M46 115hp whit Power windows and black ceiling. and stock selections like Temperature meters and heat seats. When i bout it it has rolled something like 27 000mil and is going soon up to 30 000mil.
I bout it 2.5 years ago for 10 000Sek = Something like 1 000 Euro's got the tax paid and 8 brand new wheel too.

I have also one Red 601 940 (944) SE Ltt 97 B230Fk 135HP (easy to get to FTT 165hp) M90 Power windows, electrical sidemirrors and heatable mirrors and seat. SIPS, Airbag, AC, ABS, cruise control and power antenna.
I think that was it :p
I bout it like 11 years ago i think for 110 000sek = something like 11 000 Euro's 8 Brand new wheel's and just 6000Mil has rolled like 17 000 now.

I have had one red 601 740 (744) GL 88A 37 000++ mil that is dead..
I also have had one green 240 (245) GL?? that i also think is dead or if it is alive i don't know :p I sold the car for many many years ago.

Sorry for the bad English :p

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