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New to the Volvo scene. Just bought MY first car, with MY own money. Decided on a S40 (base model) but gets the job done. Previous vehicle was a duramax and I was in those forums, best advice always comes from the users. Anyway, have a major question I'll be doing research on and figured I'd ask the owners of Volvos now.

Question #1 (there will be more): Should I pay $3,419 for a 42 month/42,000 miles warranty that includes engine, trans, front wheel drive, steering, front suspension, brakes, seals and gaskets, electrical, and air conditioning???

The S40 has basic maintenance through its life (oil changes, filter, fluids) but no major parts (timing belt, A/C, compressor, etc), there is nothing wrong with these larger ticket items yet, but from reading maintenance issues I am expecting to replace some of these items while I have the vehicle. Is this warranty a good deal? Looking for some seasoned advice. Will post in more appropriate threads too.

Idk if it is viewable but I attached the warranty details (Power Train, Silver)

Thanks in advance!!!!


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