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Under the new Euro life of a XC70..T Awd, I sought out the place that seems more enthusiasts than most. As im looking forward to meeting new family..

I humble look to get help on this car I got for about 7 large - I thought ?
My purchase of used vehicle has led me to some interesting process as I have the least amount of knowledge of this car .

I'm in the east coast of the it goes I got lots of problems. To begin with granted..the owner before leg up on me
and forget about some things gone bad.

It's a slew....- Angular gear that's covered dont know if it's from the turbo blowing oil...front...hose looks crack
A Return coolant line leaking as well the oil inlet looks wet, few other hoses...ultimately need changing.

Pcv system, Wires And Plugs..Seems like original.
Steering Rack needs Changing..dont know how to about that 1..and that's the most visble..

I want to get brakes too and tires..but that's luxury at this moment..🤔

Nice to meet....Cheers.
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