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Hello to all members of the volvo forum. I'm a new member who got involve with Volvo's thru my daughter. After a thorough research of the Volvo's, I set my sights on the 850 models. Presently, I have 3. My first Volvo is a black 95 T5R wherein I installed the following: reverse intercooling system, ultra flow cool induction system and polyurethane stabilizer bushings. My 2nd Volvo is a 1996 850R model in red color wherein its got the upgraded ecu. a poyurethane stabilizer bushings and the sport exhaust system from Eurosporttuning and my 3rd Volvo is a white 1996 turbo sports wagon. All of my Volvos have cross-drilled rotors. I also have a 79 Corvette with a newly installed hp engine and in the process of upgrading it from 4 speed to a 5 speed manual. I mostly drive my red 850R more as I'm upgrading the black T5R. My wife mostly use the sportswagon. I enjoy driving most of my Volvos and are exciting to upgrade. I join the Volvo forum mostly to pick up some ideas on repairing and maintaining my Volvos. So far, I found some interesting suggestions.
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Welcome to the forum, we're glad you joined. Feel free to look around and post. We have a couple of resident experts who work for Volvo Dealers. Also, you can go into your usercp and set up an album and load up your Volvo pics and they will randomly appear on the homepage.
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